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PH0854636C Fuel Filter

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The Hengst E416KPD36 Fuel Filter is used in Dennis, Renault/RVI, Otokar and Volvo Buses and FE, FL Series Trucks..


Hengst E416KPD36 Fuel filter is used in:

Volvo Commercial Vehicles
Volvo FE240 Truck (2012/5->) w/D7F240
Volvo FE240 Truck (2012/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-18 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7F240
Volvo FE240-18 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-22 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-26 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-26 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7F240
Volvo FE260 Truck (2012/5->) w/D7F260
Volvo FE260-18 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7F260
Volvo FE260-26 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7F260
Volvo FE280 Truck (2006/7->) w/D7E-280
Volvo FE300 Truck (2009/4->) w/D7F-300
Volvo FE320 Truck (2006/7->) w/D7E-320
Volvo FE340 Truck (2009/4->) w/D7F-340
Hengst E416KPD36 Fuel Filter Cross References
Deutz 4903354
Volvo 20796775

Additional information

Dimensions 164 × 94 × 47 mm