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Hengst E1024L01

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The Hengst E1024L01 is a Radial Seal type Outer Air Filter used in some FH series Volvo trucks with a D13C engine..


Hengst E1024L01 is an Outer Air Filter used in:

Volvo Trucks
Volvo FH420 Truck (2009/4->) w/D13C-420
Volvo FH460 Truck (2009/4->) w/D13C-460
Volvo FH540 Truck (2009/4->) w/D13C-540
Volvo FH500 Truck (2007/9->) w/D13B/C-500
Volvo FH420 (FH13-420) Truck (2013/1->) w/D13C-420 / D13K-420E6
Volvo FH460 (FH13-460) Truck (2013/1->) w/D13C-460 / D13K-460E6
Volvo FH500 (FH13-500) Truck (2013/1->) w/D13C-500 / D13K-500E6
Volvo FH540 (FH13-540) Truck (2013/1->) w/D13C-540 / D13K-540E6
Hengst E1024L01 Cross References
Volvo 21115483
Volvo 21243188

Additional information

Dimensions 415 × 331 × 201 mm