Drivetrain Components

Air Suspension Systems

Pat Hickey Truck & Trailer Spares are your commercial vehicle drivetrain specialists in Limerick. Air suspension system parts we carry in stock include air bags, single, double or triple convolute – rolling lobe type air springs, truck suspension components, air spring systems, anti-vibration systems, compensators, connecting pipes, diaphragms, hoses, hose lines, sealing systems, shock absorbers and fittings.

Air Brakes

We stock and deliver a complete range of air brake parts including air dryer cartridges, dessicators, air driers, air hoses, air tanks, air valves, new generation brake calipers, new generation brake pads, new generation brake discs, old generation brake drums, old generation brake linings, old generation brake seals, old generation bearings, brake shafts, pneumatic brakes, ABS air brakes, air brake systems, trailer air brakes, air over hydraulic brakes, replacement bendix air disc brakes, bus air brakes, fanning air brakes, replacement haldex air brakes, replacement midland air brakes, s-cam air brakes, single chamber air brakes, slack adjusters for air brakes, all truck type air brakes, wabco air brakes.

Air Springs for Cars & Commercial Vehicles

The latest technology in air suspension systems including air springs for cars is available from Pat Hickey Truck & Trailer Spares. Products we distribute include airsprings, shock absorbers, brake drums, brake discs, truck and trailer springs and brake calipers, in addition to Air and Car Air branded products we also supply world leading brands such as Firestone, Goodyear, SV, Sabo, Wabco, Haldex, Textar and Covind to name but a few.

Axle & Suspension Solutions

Granning AxlesWe are main agents in Limerick and the Midwest for Granning Axle and Suspension Systems. Recently Granning worked with J Harris (Assemblers) the importers of Hino Trucks, to supply a bespoke steering axle fitted with an air suspension lift system on the new Hino Stetter 700 Series Concrete Mixer. The new suspension system allows a maximum capacity of 39,000 kgs. which adds extra load capacity to the already best-selling model.

Granning Engineers worked closely with the Harris assembly line to allow an easy fit of the extra Granning axle on the chassis with minimal disruption to the existing set-up which have made the Hino 700 Series such a popular model. The design of the system by Granning was developed with input and feedback from sales, end-users and the assembly line.

Braking Systems

Give us a call for all your Braking system parts including service dampers, air compressors, air treatment components, electronic braking systems, valves, disc brakes, drum brakes and actuators, heavy duty brakes, performance brakes, electric trailer brakes, brakes and rotors, older truck brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, spring brakes, cantilever brakes, heavy duty anti-lock brakes, dragging brakes, replacement bendix brakes, centric brakes, ABS brake systems, brakes and rotors, jake brakes, engine brakes, apec brakes, meritor brakes, master power brakes, raybestos brakes, v-brakes, electric over hydraulic brakes, rear drum brakes, convert drum brakes to disc, brake master cylinders and more

Steering Parts

Steering parts we stock include king pin kits, axle struts, wishbones, drag links, drag link ends, axle strut repair kits, track rods, track rod ends and more.