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Hengst E1905LI

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Cabin Air Filter used in Volvo Trucks and Buses, VME, Volvo Construction Equipment


Hengst E1905LI Cabin Air Filter used in:

Volvo Trucks & Buses
Volvo C10M Bus
Volvo F7 Truck TD70/F/FS/F
Volvo F16 Truck TD162
Volvo F6 Truck D60/TD60/A/B/C
Volvo F6S Truck TD60A/B/C
Volvo F10 Truck TD100/1/2
Volvo F12 Truck TD121/122
Volvo F4 Truck D39C / TD40
Volvo FL7 Truck 1991 TD71/72
Volvo FL10 Truck TD101/102
Volvo FL4 Truck TD41
Volvo FL6 Truck 1987 /1 TD61F/GS/G
Volvo FL10 Truck
Volvo FL6 Truck 1990 /1–1994 /11 TD61GB
Volvo FL7 Truck 1991 /11 TD73E
Volvo FL7 Truck 1985 /9–1994 /10 TD71F/FQ
Volvo FM12-340 Truck w/D12C Eng. (08/98-01/02)
Volvo FM12-340 Truck w/D12D Eng. (11/01->)
Volvo FM12-380 Truck w/D12C Eng. (08/98-01/02)
Volvo FM12-380 Truck w/D12D Eng. (11/01->)
Volvo FM12-420 Truck w/D12C Eng. (08/98-01/02)
Volvo FM12-420 Truck w/D12D Eng. (11/01->)
Volvo FM12-460 Truck w/D12D Eng. (05/03->)
Hengst E1905LI Cabin Air Filter Cross References
VOLVO 15845753
VOLVO 4771477
VOLVO 47714773
VOLVO 47714779

Additional information

Dimensions 188 × 270 × 45 mm