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Hengst E452L01

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The Hengst E452L01 is an Outer Air Filter (with Flame Retardant media) used in some Renault Magnum, Midlum, Premium series trucks, Sisu Trucks and Volvo FE, FL series trucks..


The Hengst E452L01 Outer Air Filter is used in

Renault/RVI Trucks
Renault/RVI HR430 Truck (2009/6->) w/DXI 11 EURO 4/5
Renault/RVI HR430 Truck (2006/10->) w/DXI 11/10.8L
Renault/RVI D210 Truck (2013/9->) w/DTI5
Renault/RVI D240 Truck (2013/9->) w/DTI5
Renault/RVI D250 Truck (2013/9->) w/DTI8
Renault/RVI D280 Truck (2013/9->) w/DTI8
Renault/RVI D320 Truck (2013/9->) w/DTI8
Volvo Trucks
Volvo FE240 Truck (2012/5->) w/D7F240
Volvo FE240 Truck (2012/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-18 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7F240
Volvo FE240-18 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-22 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-26 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7E240
Volvo FE240-26 Truck (2006/5->) w/D7F240
Volvo FE280 Truck (2006/7->) w/D7E-280
Volvo 250 Truck (2013/9->) w/D8K
Hengst E452L01 Air Filter Cross References
Renault/RVI 5001865723
Volvo 20732726

Additional information

Dimensions 464 × 312 × 186 mm